14 Garments in Tone Radiant Orchid for Use before 2014

Fashionista us not win anyone, so we read all Jezebel as good fashion Bible. So as we already know that the color Radiant Orchid will be the color of fashion in 2014, and we we will forward all looking as soon as possible 14 items in that beautiful tone. Because we love that intense violet color and if you say it is, we obey the dictates of fashion. Like Anna dello Russo, but with more style.


I love the tone purple for bags. In fact, he makes three or four years I was looking for one in that color, which I think is super combined with blue, with black, with grey, and each summer with all the raw tones and pastels.

  • Bag of Marc by Marc Jacobs, per 331,44 EUR.
  • Hobo bag of Diane von Furstenberg per 321,60 EUR.
  • Shoulder bags of Rebecca Minkoff in mini size, for 147,56 euros.
  • Medium bag with handles short and long in black’s Bimba & Lola, 68 euros.


For a declaration of principles and bet everything for the fashion color, choose a dress that it plays the look. Better have a simple design, since the color purple already called of by itself enough attention.

  • Long sleeve dress of ASOs, by 34,25 EUR.
  • Dress with Black Lace at the side detail, of Warehouse, by 79,95 EUR.
  • Sheath dress with beading at the neck detail of Mint & Berry by 41,95 EUR.


There was a time in my life that I had a lot of shirts and blouses in that tone, one of my favorites. The time to retrieve them and wear them with jeans, with black skirt…

  • Silk blouse with neck loop by 84,95 EUR.
  • Half sleeve blouse by 74,95 EUR.
  • Blouse with neck in black baby of Vero Moda by 27,95 EUR.


Some I would be delighted Sandals with heels in radiant Orchid which give the final touch to a look. A subtle detail of fashion chic to wear with everything.

  • A few ankle boots with golden chain of Anna Field by 32,95 EUR.
  • A few ankle boots with design of United Nude by 169,95 EUR.
  • A few pumps of Belmondo by 89,95 EUR.
  • Sandals Buffalo with high heel for 95 euros.