Achadões of the Week: Particular Cropped

Last week had no Achadões of the week because to find have to search and I was uninspired than search this immensity that is the internet. I think I was still in mourning for kidnapping followed by death from my cell. Then came second now and I was with the whole post preparadinho, but where is the internet? Just got this smug roadside wifi zinho today. I know that the tradition be second, but be flexible, eh no?

Well, the Achadões this week came from a suggestion that I just found a wonderful reader. Very good! I love reader that pities the blogger that sometimes run out of creativity and needs all the help she can find.

The Luana, this creative and compassionate reader in question, have you seen my look cropped last week and suggested we do a Achadões just croppeds. As I am really a moment of love by croppeds, taken readily Luana’s suggestion.

That said, here’s my selection of achadões cropped. Very different models, but all with cost benefit and beautiful.

I love this model with little shabby t-shirt kind of rebellious, kind of cute and the wifi . Perfect for a relaxing weekend, with a short shorts and jeans, to go from the beach to the festival. By R$35,99 on Dafiti.

But it is a mistake to think that cropped is synonymous with looks exceedingly stripped. This model of Dafiti is proof of that. A loose model, with fabric more grossinho, which gives a more structured pro model. Just be careful to use with a high-waisted skirt or pants and not let the belly showing. Work of charming look.

Another super stylish model. Fluffy and structured, also the highest collar also adds an entire elegance. And I’m a fan of this shade of pale blue. With a wide white fixed fight pure. And the best: it’s with rebate on settlement from Asos. Of 46 by 14 obamas.

But ok, the cropped seems even to be born to sunny days look like a picnic in the Park, huh? And that’s all, that’s what comes to mind with this model chess with knot in front. Also in mega liqui from Asos, 45 for 18 bucks.

Or these two models of the Farm that are summer materialized in fabric, colors and prints. A more beautiful and cheerful than the other. I am simply in love with this model blue with flowers on the sleeve and if the Farm delivered here on the Caliph I swear I was on e-commerce of them by clicking the shopping cart right now. But the orange floral also warmed my heart.

Still poking around the e-commerce of the Farm, I ran into these two beauties. Simple and fun, they look to be a delight to use. I thought it was so unusual to have the vegetables (carrots and beets), something kind of fashion fair.

We talked of cropped rebel, picnic and even cropped cropped to work. But the truth is that cropper is also sexy on the last, right?

Versions else stuck together in the body are perfect for drinks or raze in the ballad. Type this here o, C & A, which is not content to just be grudadinho, still has a strategically positioned.

Or this one, which I found, besides sexy, chic to live. Pictured with a wide black, or a maximum black skirt? I imagined and I like. Is from Asos and also all 16 bucks.

Ready, Lu! I hope you have enjoyed our selection.

If you too are proactive reader like Lu and has suggestions for Achadões, you can comment in the post, or send in @mourajo Urges or within the Snapchat jojouasz, or in the Face or email EITA person connected!