Artists Who Have Marked Style: M.I.A.

As a continuation of the interesting series prepared by my colleague, Chloe regarding films, I propose to analyse different artists from the world of music who have left or are leaving, their footprint in terms of style referred to in.

The first chosen for this review, is the British singer M.I.A.. The decision has been made on the basis of your great fashion sense, their current outside what is established, the kind that carries it, as well as to design and dress up their own creations. ES one of the most multifaceted artists right now: the same sings, dances that harangues his audience with political speeches. Has it all.

In music, No hay quien tosa. Your most dirty grime has won all over the world. Van two disks and as advances improvement, although I’m still leaving me with Arular (2005). but this section is it leave our fellow of Hypersonic, who are already responsible for giving his vision. For us, the style.

Daughter of a prestigious revolutionary Sri Lanka, Arul Pragasam, that he has fought for the independence of the area; M.I.A. It has kept these roots intact. Both the lyrics and styling, showing the miscegenation of the cultures that have lived since age six had to go to Sri Lanka to live. Then, M.I.A. Board already at a young age European culture with india.

If added you to this, the style the singer makes, we have great clothes, very loose and grime or hip hop. The singer finds himself loose to act on stage with them. He began his career by dressing this way, with large t-shirts, as that you see in the image, where the prints and details of this style characterize the garments. In addition to complement them with necklaces Golden.

Also in these early years, availed herself of Dark t-shirts, with a few prints of protest, which included his message while serving her platform for their letters. This style began to characterize the British beauty, with very marked Indian features and a swarthy favoured by a great physical

But this style would change as it reached its second album, Arular (2008). the promotion showed it as another different artist in the look, although she was still keeping the same strength. They were times of the Nu rave, fluor colours, y M.I.A. He knew how to make them before anyone else.

This style added it to its essential clothing. We had an artist that cared more for its look, in more careless in his early appearance. The t-shirts were more adjusted now, designed with geometric shapes as they dominated in the nu rave, and very strong contrasts between items. Very bright colors that impacted: blue, yellow, purple…

The a artist of Kala had matured a little in all aspects. But the final change, will not arrive until recently. M.I.A. It showed that there is nothing incompatible, and joined his cause of ‘revolutionary artist’ next to Marc Jacobs, in the spring/summer campaign of the American designer. In it, he looked very sexy, daring as she only knows how to pose, and casual shirt, necktie and mini shorts. We could also see it with the beautiful dress image.

And thus, little by little, M.I.A. It has been going strong in the land of music and fashion, where promises to give more to talk about in a future very early. Combine everything, it moves from retro to vintage through most chic in the mix. An artist very admirable, that well deserves the success of which is enjoying.