Bamford & Sons – Far From Workwear

The step from heavy duty vehicles to fashion seem to be less than you would think. In addition to Caterpillar that widened to the fashion industry (well), even the British label Bamford & Sons, a similar background. Bamford himself, with first names, Joseph Cyril, used their initials to find the name of their company. JCB became a huge success, and made world-famous by yellow work vehicles of various kinds.

But it is not until recently that the family Bamford done anything worth writing about on our site. Three stores in central London, it had become, and its own clothing line that exudes everything that belongs to the modern British gentleman to.

Spring / summer collection showcases classic clothing in the summer version. The materials go from linen on hot days, to cashmere for chillier evenings. Most of the garments are completely organic, which may be considered a feather in the cap. Bamford & Sons also has a clean eco-line but unfortunately not as interesting from a style perspective. A little too tame and pale, although it certainly is repentance and the coming seasons.

The clothes are great, but the most famous is the enough for its redesigned Rolex watches. Sacrilege think some maybe, but Bamford variant has undoubtedly its charm. The bells, which are of the Submariner model from the 70s and 80s, have a black finish, adds the name of the dial and a new tygarmband in military style. In addition to Rolex watches, they also have their own version of Apple’s iPod.