Blazing Tasselloafern

On skofronten is a true classic come on a broad front, tassel loafers. With its special tassel on the top, this shoe has become a standard on preppy geeks and law professors. Now spring is visible an updated tassel loafer of both classic manufacturers and famous fashion designers.

The origin of tassel loafers however, comes from American Alden. 1884 Charles H. Alden started a factory in Middleborough, Massachusetts. More than 100 years later, living school manufacturer remains as a family business in the fourth generation Alden. Besides inventing the removable spike sole that made life much easier for golfers as it is without TV rail tassel loafers that has become Alden major innovation.

It all began after the Second World War when the US actor Paul Lukas went to the shoemaker Farkas & Kovacs in New York with the idea of ​​making a shoe that had a leather cord that went through the whole shoe and ended in a tuft at the front of the shoe. F & K managed to create a great design, but unfortunately had to comfort the suffering. Luke went with a shoe to two separate cobbler to improve this. None of them succeeded, but by chance turned both to the right Alden.

Alden made if the shoe from being with lacing a tassel loafer which only became a decoration. 1950 brought the production of shoe momentum, which has since been copied by a number of shoe manufacturers.

Here are some samples from the spring collections.

Patrick Cox – Upphotad version of the British shoe legend.
Gieves & Hawkes “Buckshot Brouge” Tasselloafer – shot to pieces and addictive shoe.
Crockett & Jones – Classic model in suede.