Brain Blah It May Sometimes Be A Nasty Crap Cow?

I was now very long very in love with the Halo of harmony. Someone who remains silent rather than litigate and Red runs, if others will mean trying always to diplomacy, always friendly and modest, sometimes even invisible. So anyway, roughly summarized as a friend, partner, ex, known or unknown. At the snarl Indians about excuse me for three years, to live in the attic, he gets even extra tip anyway it tip, because the bonus stairs. While he’s actually still never also managed the Belle Etage, when it rings, I’m running against anyway my Palak Paneer, the flaming Curried spinach is my personal sunset. Mr delivery service, however, tend to be strolling and sometimes even secretly stops to save steps. I realize that, but silent. Just not burden others fall. Doesn’t matter which says never, thank you. Doesn’t matter that the neighbor from the bottom never greets, but evil look and also looks his wife as laste all ills of the world on their shoulders. Maybe it does Yes. That’s why I wave all conciliatory over on a good day. Me too I was sorry, as I was a drunk in the Park in the way around the other day, real. And really, what I try also with a 20 Euro Bill to pay two twenty-five cent bread rolls, which still to not exist, because “dit are table!”. Sorry, I would have it really deserves had, to drown in my decadence.

Now it is but what so that the immanent finished potty is sometime also really full. It started so to simmer in me. And how it was bubbling.

Something must happen if sensitivities such as resentment, rage and anger, Zermurbtheit, incomprehension, disappointment or impulsive approaches of slight hostility are not bluntly spat out, but breast again and swallowed down, and hottest flame cooked further, all the time. This state of inner agitation in the asexuellsten of all sense me looking at inevitably anyway, recently in a bean-shaped spot next to the nose, my red warm anger Fleck, who works as a seismograph of my mental Constitution. Have an endogenous protection mechanism, a call to action. A few weeks ago, I had the feeling, the face would explode due to formality now finally me. As a result, I decided to become finally a nasty crap cow. At least temporarily. My own sake. Because Zweitausendlovezehn life motto sounds but hopefully, but what brings one existence as Buttercup, if around only thorny roses. It ends up scratched and scarred. Time for Zweitausenfickzehn.

It is not desirable, of course, to be a bad tempered, egotistical shadow plant or even a poor person and evil, that’s not the point. But the most humane of all taint: the ability to sense education, sometimes making wimps out of us. Not because we feel, but because we show this feel so rare because of cowardice. The worry, others to the tie, the convenience. An unfriendly bun seller is one, the small, the void. To pester them. But as I sometimes, tend people constantly going down, in the closest circle to the affirmation, even if their own energy resources long run on reserve. This is while well intentioned, but very unhealthy in the long term. Leeches that suck you empty be from loved ones. From appointments appointments with must-have factor. And from the former ease a heavy pressure on the chest. Already an entertaining exit from the harmony business may therefore be balm for the soul, I know that now, and also that a good-natured character thankfully remains a good-natured character, this change also small to medium-sized dropouts nothing.

Before a couple of weeks I had so I mutated into a soothing drop-outs, to the most egregious crap cow of all. Including in the handset ROAR and new love of past-abuse. I was stupid and superficial and unfair, a lion mother, ex-monster and unbearable. But I was at the moment. Not nice, but real and honest for the first time. That was liberating and enlightening, and necessary. The next morning, my phone rang, spontaneous visit announced from the homeland. I said to the Trippel roost for the first time and made me feel bad, but the idea that the sixth weekend in a row to get no second rest or privacy, still fuckin’ felt. You not evil was me, not a piece. There was even understanding. And would be not been I would have not otherwise done, no, can not otherwise make. Without Sunday a spontaneous visit to the Pats would have been sure myself, no doubt. Then, back at the impressive harsh Baker and still is by the new super power, I had the snout suddenly full. You could buy something like change, for there are banks, I etched back, and also I would be the mood in this store really a for always tired, what is it really that fuckin’ problem here. I was not kicked out. I was looking at only at an angle with a kessen twitch in the lower lip, almost a smile was finally as customer accepts and henceforth courteously served. It can be so simple.

A bold thesis, I know, but quite possible that a bit probably dispensed asshole being able to make the world every now and then for a better. In any case, your own. And even if we sometimes don’t want to admit it, because selfishness is not considered socially acceptable, lucky back then as today mostly somewhere in our own begins. We should begin so desperately, finally again itself rather than the opinions of others to take care of us. Then comes the harmony anyway by entirely alone. And the Palak Paneer maybe even up in the attic.