Cheap Monday Jeans – Now Conquers the World

It is almost two years ago now, as Örjan Anderssoninterviewed by us later. Then, in March 2005, the phenomenon is still relatively new and everyone wanted to know all about “those cheap jeans”. Now we seem to know everything about Cheap Monday jeans, many have long since gone over to the other logos on the lower back and abandoned the so characteristic skull. Therefore Weekdays two huvudlabels except Cheap Monday even a little more dressed and more expensive the Sunday Sun, shortly accompanied, when what might be called the next stage in the Weekday Swedish historiography begins. If new clothes, new brands and grand plans came my interview with Örjan Andersson to act. What has happened in these two years? – Two years ago we had just taken the decision to sell the Cheap Monday to other countries.Now we sell 1,000 stores in 28 countries. It started in Stockholm. It started very fast, people ran into the store and bought jeans that they sent abroad. In shops with clothing that people could not afford were we and Cheap Monday had they afford, says Örjan and mentions Noir Kennedy in Paris as an example.
Over equivalent to 500 Swedish crowns, a pair of Cheap Monday jeans do not cost, anywhere in the world. To help them is said to have the so-called Big Mac index , to ensure that the balance is not exceeded.
– It is supposed to cost the same everywhere, says Örjan.

If the spring that will say one of the brand’s designers, Sanna Atldax, the blue color in shades dominate. A kollektionsdel with the working title of Black Collection, she wants to also highlight, consisting of black tailored pieces. Cheap Monday jeans “Vintage alter-ego,” Lattjo Lajban Vintage, continues with a slightly looser fit and strong focus on detail work. It is the brand’s free interpretation of denim history with influences of -20- and 30s looser silhouette of trousers. The day was organized for the first time its own catwalk display , then Cheap Monday’s fall collection was shown at the Nordic Museum. With a few days of distance express Orjan relief:


– It feels great. It’s our first tour and I’m really pleased with it, to be the first time. I make the jeans and I’m very happy with them. There is a very large collection of over 100 different varieties of jeans, and all appeared’s not up. There are many you want to display, but it will be later.

– For guys, there has been a lot of quality (material) velor, chlorine washes, large proportions and a wide silhouette, says Sanna.

The company Weekday is then really not asleep. In March the first Weekday store in Uppsala, a second, larger store in Gothenburg is under way, and in December, just in time for the holiday shopping season, one may assume, will open a 1,500-square-foot store in the PUB building. The area covers half the so-called “Glass House” at the intersection of Drottninggatan / Kungsgatan, where the store will be located.

Ever since its establishment on Gotgatan have liked to have a large store in the City at the side of the overcrowding at Olofsgatan. But Orjan denies PUB should have offered rent subsidies to attract Weekday to establish themselves there. Market rent is what counts, he argues. Both he and others within the company I talked to describes the area up to Centralbadet as a future hyper interesting part of Drottninggatan and there will simply be established. After that, the Swedish Weekday fully established, although Umeå existed with sporadically in mind. A foreign establishment is close at hand. Copenhagen is reasonable to think that in 2008 and now are discussions on suitable premises. Paris and New York in 2008 or 2009, nor is it impossible.

Already in the week see new labels from Weekday light from the spotlight. Partly it’s about self-manufactured obrandade clothes, it is supposed quickly supplement Weekday-stores’ range. Even now, work is much to fill up with self-produced garments even as the season progresses, but this will now be more determined to constantly renew the range. At low prices, and guaranteed without the logos will therefore unbranded clothing produced by Weekday.

Secondly it is a new focus on MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, which has existed since the beginning of Lilla Essingen in single pair of jeans, as has been done “when known for it ‘and then almost immediately sold out. A foretaste of it will be in stores around May, while the wide initiative released in August.

Finally, they present WKND, which is a new street label in Weekdays name and placed in the company’s stores in April. Peter Jansson, known as one of the guys behind Dennis & Peter, has been recruited and is said to have created a fierce and streetig line with very high fashion. In the spring begins to also sell swimwear.

As for the ethical discussion that occurred with much of the production in a communist dictatorship that is often noted for deplorable working conditions, strikes Orjan down. He has not been in place at the factory in China, but says that it is good and meets all requirements it has set. They had, according to Orjan, been able to sell the Cheap Monday jeans at half the current price, but then got sacrificing quality and working conditions in the factories.

The whole time heaped company of stores and chains that want to sell Cheap Monday clothes. Most get no, for the simple reason that it can not handle a larger volume of production. Millions of jeans sold annually will be enough, it seems. And once familiar to the undersigned after returning home from holiday in London testify Cheap Monday jeans on almost every back of an indie club there, you understand what this export success has become. And the exciting future that awaits the company.Trite brand and phenomena or not: Cheap Monday conquer the world!