Cheap Monday Mixes Fresh Autumn

When the Swedish export success of Cheap Monday show fall collection at the Nordic museum in Stockholm, the high ceilings, close to watch the action and a grand piano playing and then not playing more. It is a collection that is like a fling with a little luxury, tailored from the television series Dallas as much as the 90’s dark, trashed punk era. From the collision caused spinner collection further.

The previously tight Cheap Monday pants have been on many of the models have become much wider, had higher waist and you get to see the denim make room for others, a little finer material. On his feet are black and brown boot normal, along with dressy, but worn shoes, with consistently large, thick soles. It provides a well-used, but a little clumsy impression.

The tops sprout most. After last autumn as viable grandfather sweater glimpsed, but also T-shirts, shirts and more knitwear. My companion says that much like Filippa K by now quite characteristic of parts and it’s an accurate comparison.

Among the outer garments are the parka and the comprehensive wind jacket that covers the entire throat frequently, accompanied by several worn denim jackets.

The color scheme is mainly brown, ranging from khaki and beige to darker, black and blue, but also white and mustard yellow.

It shows that you wanted to convey many different things with the collection to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This situation makes it difficult to get a good overall grasp during the show. But the key garments of Cheap Monday in the fall seems to be the loose, a little worn jeans as contrasted with the well-tailored, dressy finbyxan with high waist. For the former, a pair of worn boots which provide clear vibes of work-wear, while the latter is combined of black dress shoes with thick soles. On the upper body, either a simple t-shirt with print or a little dress shirt. Ultimately, a windbreaker and there, if you can combine it right, maybe a Palestinian scarf.

Brand Cheap Monday is the notoriously remained sensationally well, which we will probably have reason to come back to our reporting. You fans of the brand can also look forward to a long talk with the brand’s strong man, Orjan Andersson, shortly. Even then learn a lot of future plans crystallize. An important part of the plan was the collection that was presented last Friday, showing that Cheap Monday can show something for the vast, vast majority. In addition to a whole clothing line for, as usual, affordable rates.

Click below to view a slide show from the show!