Classical Vårtrender

It may seem very paradoxical to talk about trends in classic fashion. The whole point of the classic fashion is well that you should not have to bother about seasonal trends, and instead try to find a timeless style? However, there is no getting away from the fashionable even make their mark in the classic clothing manufacturers’ collections. Here are some samples:

It has probably escaped get to spring color scale is very bare. Previously, pastel been widely reported, but this year it’s white, gray and natural colors dominate. White, however, is not quite easy to master color. As beautiful as Robert Redford’s in his white three-piece suit in The Great Gatsby, as corny as it becomes Darin tries to play gangster in white suit and black shirt. Gray, however, almost impossible to fail. It works equally well with blue jeans, such dark pants or khaki colored chinos.

The two clasped jacket has long dominated completely, but last spring was noticeable that other snaps are becoming increasingly common. Then it was perhaps mainly the double-breasted jacket that got more space, but now even the three clasped. This is, above all, to the delight of us long. Battered remains narrow even if the cut is a little higher and more military inspired.

Interestingly, spring is also the increasingly slimmer suit shoulders. Primarily, it is the Italian manufacturers, which vignette image from Corneliani, who removed everything shoulder pads called. It is also interesting to take a closer look at this spring’s shirt collars. Classic cut-away mixed with a little smaller and narrower collars. Those who want to impress with good skjortkunskap selects the rounded club collar.

Linen is normally a common material for the spring. Neat, but still with a bit more character is cotton. It is visible in both suits and shirts. Another classic materials reach new success is Seersucker. Seersucker is a cotton material where the wires are bundled together to give an irregular surface. The material is in Europe not as popular as in the US where Seersucker closest is a symbol of New England and preppy culture. For materials enthusiast with a deep wallet Loro Piana has developed a new grade cashmere wool that gives another dimension, baby cashmere. Just listen to the name, baby cashmere.

advantage of simple and stylish colors is that it allows a little bolder accessories. Personally, I am going this spring to abuse silk scarf. Get accessories feels so elegant, without fear it will be too dressy. There has been much ties in recent years, and therefore it feels great to offer for us guys broadened with scarves and even fly. Other obvious accessories is a major weekend bag and classic shades, in the style of Ray-Ban Wayfarer.