Crop Tops of The Moment [The 50 Sweethearts of Summer]

A couple of seasons that are around us, the crop tops began their invasion last year and force see this garment in lookbooks and several collections is the ‘never again’ now transformed in “well, maybe you try me…”. However not everything is worth and as a massive trend that has become, it is necessary to separate a little seen very original.

Minimalism in its purest form

Minimalism has invaded the crop tops. Since Balenciaga He launched his collection spring/summer 2013 with one output Kirstin Kragh Liljegren, model who later became his summer campaign picture, and the support received from Emma Watson in appearances as the awards GQ of the year, the crop tops have made very good crumbs with minimalism. And I am glad of it.

  • Asos black neoprene structured body, by 35,21 euro.
  • Crop Warehouse white lace top by 39,44 EUR.
  • Yellow Cross top from River Island, by EUR 30,98.

The crop printed tops, missing not!

The prints are another of the keys of the summer, the tropical print more specifically has conquered stores, Palm trees, pine cones… There is no reason that escapes you, and the crop tops have echoed it. In addition the tribal print continues leaving show.

  • Top with bottom peplum of Topshop, for 18 euros.
  • Jersey short stamped in blue and Garnet Pull & Bear, by 12,99 EUR.
  • Top with print of Palm trees by Topshop, for 32 euros.

Cover photo | Song of style

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