Do You Total Looks or You Prefer Mixing Prints?

Print or not print? That is the question. I remember when I watched the episodes of Sex and the city and looked to Carrie look different mixtures of prints and styles while the opinion of others you care about. I in your position would do a mix and saw a strange look of someone I would go running home to change me. It is the difference between these girls who opt for the prints (and often leave airy) and which do not. But the total looks are also cool, so today I ask you do you’re mixing prints or? go one-color?

Which not afraid to that of mixtures is Andy Torres Style Scrapbook, and is that in one of his latest outings we’ve seen mix tartan pictures with a sort of Leopard print in black and white. Do you think your final result?

And that love the animal print is Rachel Bilson in his role as Dr. cool in Hart of Dixie. There we see chapter, chapter also wear clothing in This pattern.

Madly in love with the total looks

Maybe you’re that avoids the prints at all costs. And are tired of mix tones at close range. If you pass you one or other (or both) at the same time it is best that you practice the total look. It is the best that I’ve seen lately! If you dare yet opt for Red, You’ll see that it looks great great.

If you prefer leave it for later When the heat begins to make a dent in our day to day, you will have to take into account the pastel shades.

And if you like what you see, but you know that don’t you dare or don’t want to give the note, the best thing is that you opt for a total black: elegant, simple and great.

What team are you?