Fashion Fair in Copenhagen: J.Lindebergs Different Lines

Johan Lindeberg tenth anniversary this year. Just as we previously wrote to celebrate the raising lyxnivån on their “Main Line”, while shooting for the line Johan by J. Lindeberg.
Previously, the main line consisted of different elements from the subordinate lines, but from next autumn collection, choose one to distinguish its various lines, which now amounts to four in number.
We went to J. Lindeberg’s booth here in Copenhagen to make it all clear. this is what J. Lindeberg’s line splitting out:

Mainline: The collection, which earlier this spring was unveiled on a catwalk in Milan. Earlier this collection was a mix between lines, but from next autumn release this collection and become the brand’s lyxlinje. Price range?
A JL-employee explains that a suit will be just over ten thousand.
No clothes from this collection is in place in Copenhagen, but you can peek at the collection here

Tailoring (pictured above and below): Tailoring become the brand’s exclusively dressed collection of suits, jackets and shirts at a slightly lower price range than the main line.

Johan by J. Lindeberg This is the young line, which is more fashion oriented with skinny jeans, jackets, T-shirts and sneakers.

JL: First, explain JL guy to J.Lindeberg received a blow there a few years ago, with logos that muddied the mark. That it had taken a long time to build up the brand again, but that it was now back on track and had been cruel Press International. Then he presented the line JL for us. Logos (admittedly more subtle than before), Hood Shirts, and some other more or less sports-oriented garments. As the brand’s sporty line, even in the lines Golf and Ski is included in this line. The article is updated by our site