Fashion Summer in Aquidauana MS

You know we love hitting legs, neh? When you paint so with an invitation, here we go! And is there anything better than being well received wherever you go, even in another city? This is priceless … it’s impossible to describe our joy!  Last Friday, we went to Aquidauana, which is about 140 km from Campo Grande, home of the southern Pantanal-Mato-Grossense. Jeez good place, hospitable people! We were invited by Mary Eliza Ribeiro, owner of a multi-brand female store that bears his name, to participate in the birthday party for 10 years and also for our fashion news summer.  It was a lovely afternoon! Besides the delicious cocktail, we can meet several readers of the blogs and we would like to photograph various looks gorgeous that we found there.

We work with various brands like Farm, Canton, Lucidity, Aha, Blessed, Esquire, Sonhart, etc. The space is cute, stuffed with clothes and accessories, with a variety of products and service note. There are tips for those who live in the region and are in search of a cool store, with several options of women’s fashion and brands. We’re delighted! It’s great to see stores in the state by investing in the fashion universe, in good taste and quality!