Forever Young: Baracuta G9

A while ago we wrote about Ray-Ban who turns 70 this year. Today we tell about another 70-year-old: Baracuta G9. This is the jacket worn by style icons like Elvis, Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra and later became a cloth garments throughout mod culture. Baracuta G9, or Harrington jacket, created in Manchester by John and Isaac Miller in 1937 and in 1938 permission was granted by the Scottish Fraser clan to use their boxes that feed into the model G9. It’s the same pattern that is still used today.

In the 50s, you start to sell Baracutan really in the US and it will be a real success. 1954 Elvis on his jacket in the movie King Creole, which is one of the better Elvis movies.

In the 60s, Steve McQueen the great fashion icon and he is one of the most strongly associated with the jacket. Among other things, he had it on the cover of Life magazine. For Mods jacket was as important as the parka.

In the 70’s and 80’s jacket was associated with both punk and ska scene. Among other things, appeared in Clash of Times Square. Now called the Harrington after the character Rodney Harrington who wore the jacket in the television soap opera Peyton Place.

In time for the 70th anniversary Baracuta has now issued three models in limited edition of the G9.A Elvis- a Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra version. Each model is available only in 70 copies. In the back of the liner is a quote from each of these icons printed. In Steve McQueen version says “I live for myself,” and the jacket is since yesterday I have an almost blissful owner.

Or, as I read somewhere – if your dad has this kind as he was once cool.