Fresh Fish: Miss Sterner

When I thought I had worked all men designers I met Miss Sterner, or Karin as she is called in the first name. Karin completed her studies at Beckmans two years ago and has since been designed in its own name and freelanced as a bit of everything. She does not want her clothes to be sex-linked, and therefore may well garments described as unisex. The inspiration for the collection that she has brought to Gothenburg is at least original. took a snack.
Tell us about your collection.
– I usually work very experimental. I have previously invited other designers to help make my collections. Now I wanted to see how far I could pull it; how it would be if someone else designed the collection. So I went to a kindergarten group. The theme was to draw “the good” in fairy tales. So when they designed the course, I picked out a collection based on it.

You have studied at Beckmans, how important is training to succeed in business?
– For me it was important to gain better knowledge and to test my skills. And for staying in a creative environment. But then there are other talented designers who have managed without training.

You seem to be the very experimental total, do you have any role model in the fashion industry?
– No, I have enough, no special indeed. I probably inspired more by designers who dare to experiment. I am inspired by the theoretical, but also direct nice stuff. Before I started at Beckmans, I could probably not name a single designer.

How do you show so far?
– It’s been really good atmosphere, even among us exhibitors, and I think it is important that we encourage each other to succeed.

What are your plans for the future, would you prefer to expand and become really big?
– My vision is well not to be really great, and selling in so many stores. At the same time, I want you that my clothes will be sold, I do not want them to hang out in a basement somewhere. I want them to be used.