Fresh Fish: Niclas Lindblad

So be it running, Gothenburg’s first fashion fair. Excersishuset (right on the heath), who normally used for table tennis tournaments, for the purpose adorned with large needles, zippers and buttons. As expected, turning most of the designers’ clothes to the opposite sex – only three exhibitors makes menswear. It is, on the other hand, quite a pretty interesting trio. took a snack with with Niclas Lindblad – A nineteen who began sewing clothes seriously for less than a year ago. So far it has been the most jeans and the occasional t-shirt. The jeans have a lot of details and the link to the industrial design is noticeable. Besides, this was probably the first time I saw a pair of double-breasted jeans. Niclas call his mark Times Two.

Tell us how it all started.
– I’ve always sewed on pants, so I decided to sew a pair of their own with what I was missing on a pair of pants. And that’s it.

What inspires you?
– I study industrial design so I inspired a lot of product packaging and the entire industrial design concept. I do not want my clothes to be sculptures, but they should be used.
Do you have a fashion designer as a model?
– I like John Galliano do cool stuff. Otherwise, I am inspired much of the Johan Lindenberg do – cuts, asymmetry. He works a lot with the asymmetry.

How do you think things are going for your part in the Fresh Fish?
– I do not know, but there have been many agents who have been here who was interested. But whatever happens, I think starting your own brand this summer.