Gossip Girl Vs. Lipstick Jungle Leighton Meester or Lindsay Price?

Their players not only compete in style inside dish, but also outside it; Gossip Girl y Lipstick Jungle There are two series with more glamour from the small screen since we leave orphan sex in New York, despite the difference in age of the characters in Gossip Girl, we have a group of schoolgirls, while in Cashmere Mafia talk about dedicated professionals, the costume is almost the same.

While Leighton Meester be lavished on parties and events and is now all a reference image, Lindsay Price It is less popular, though he double almost age; to the generation of the 1980s I sound for his role of Steve Sanders in feeling of living, wedding series that incidentally just resurrect and surely will give us much to talk about.

Here we see both with a geat Zac Posen dress, Leighton used evening, combined with peep toes and handbag and Lindsay, as the uniform day, with sandal flat and moulded hair scarf.

Which one do you most?