Grammy 2013, Would The Music Understands Fashion? Why You Don’t Have. The Worst-Dressed Last Night

When a red carpet It prohibited according to that front and back necklines that shows us what kind of red carpet is. Yes, I speak of the of the Grammy that last night met with many singers who showed that they have good voice but little taste in clothing. And it is that you cannot have everything in this life, and many of them can be embroider it on stage, but his style leaves much to be desired.

And that tends to be in this kind of lists (to my taste) is Jennifer Lopez: always hinting much and leaving very little to the imagination. And although last night was not of her worst looks, This cleavage in the leg, this Monkey high the Crown and his femme fatale face they not helped her much.

I love it Florence Welch, and although last night I did not finish of disgust there was something in it that just do not convince me. And I think that those responsible for this are those skewers by way of decoration in the area of the shoulders and necklines that made it appear the lizard woman.

The same thing happened to me with the singer Carly Rae Jepsen. Your dress strapless and seemed full of sequins in reality a sack: that I see in the hips are bags? Be whatever, that optical effect do not let me see the end result in a positive way.

You know my hatred for the print-animal. In shoes & accessories (and depending on what type of print is) I can support it, but in a Maxi party dress I put the hair like hooks. And that’s what happened to me this morning to see the outfit of Denise Donatelli.

Footwear It is a very important part of the look, more when you teach it at all times. And this can rise to the top or take you directly to the worst dressed. And so happened to Sirah. What those shoes that could catalog of scaffolding?

Orange hair, braided, dress with silver applications, White chiffon skirt … Too much in every way. That is what have found me to see the outfit of Bonnie McKee.

It is very important to suggest and leave to the imagination fly freely. That point is difficult to achieve, but a time you have already you have part of your cattle outfit. What should not be done? Teach more than count. Whether with necklines impossible (this year might not be) or transparencies that make you seem as if you were naked. Yes, that you know for awhile Kimbra.

We know that it is Carnival, but nonetheless you should go with a costume on a red carpet. It seems that Lisa D ’ Amato not be told that.

The same happened to Lila Downs. Who tricked him and gave approval to that floral set, with braids at the Pocahontas and shawl?

While my colleague Natxo believes that Janelle Monae is more than correct, to my I am not convinced his style Not at all. Thank you to continue in your line and it has value, but does not, does not make me the weight.

It seems that Kaley Cuoco Nobody told you that that kind of red carpet must go with long, floaty dress and jewelry of printing. His casual style caught the attention: correct for a night with her friends, but for the Grammy Awards do not.

Question of necklines

Necklines they are well to some extent. And although last night made clear that these could not be obscene or teach a lot Katy Perry had it clear: she wanted to show the whole world what God gave him. However, this cleavage isn’t the best I’ve seen, and the the dress color in your skin I ended not convince.

The same happened with Ashanti: that dress was not the best that I saw (although not of the worst).

Who deserves to win with the? title of worst dressed?

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