Insta-Diary the Sun Learning in Tuscany

We are the possibly worst holidays of the world, even friends advised us have come reluctantly, but perhaps just to make that with the break out of concern. Most of our relaxation attempts over the past four years failed because (almost) invariably miserably, because of missing time, but even if we dared us time, just rain, frustrations and stumbling blocks were there at the end. As a result also, we made it to in total 14 days – aggregated over several years, exclusive ever two weeks maternity leave per capita. This is very nice lappisch us. Our empty brains we agreed now also violent, why we spontaneously took the most beautiful wedding of our best friends for the occasion, to dive even a few days. Without any press invitation, Jacuzzi or obligations. But with the loved ones. I can’t believe we arrived much earlier on, that relaxation is the best medicine.

To a large extent we have incidentally, due to the unexpected recovery our famous hosts Luzia and Alessandro, which operate paradise called Podere Marchiano in the middle of Tuscany, more specifically in Larciano, a small apartment. We were just not quite sure whether we should divulge this secret tip at all, but the two good souls always appreciate new guests. Those who want to soak up the rest at poolside or books write about on the terrace, on families with children and dogs, you and us, and all those who suddenly grabs the city escape. Just provide one must be even and without car it is not. Who really needs nothing except the atmosphere of Tuscany, Italy warmth, pleasant swimming pool water, fresh figs and Sun, who will be here around happy as we are. Up to the next year, Luzia and Alessandro, we have found our annual family home this.

Apartment building.

Sarah in a blouse by weekday.

The pool.

Dress: H & M / / bag: Gucci / / Sandals: Chloé

Swimsuits from Petit Bateau.

The bedroom.

We could pilfer Alessandro tomatoes from the garden for a pasta.

Shopping in the supermarket – is about ten minutes away by car.

The terrace, play, sing and dine (pssst: Alessandro and Lucia always delighted guests who bring their guitar)

Our nightly routine.

Locationwechsel: Sarah during the wedding of our friends in a dress by MES Demoiselles, somewhere near the town of Monsummano Terme.

I wore a dress and a blouse of “the Kooples” and to my sandals.

All agreed: this is perfect and replete with love (and good wines and good cheese, good pasta and ever.)

The wedding Villa infinity swimming pool. Who longer and with many friends in Tuscany may stay something, the Villa variant was very suggested. Where this piece of jewelry is, we must not betray naturally (yet).

Again the garden of our apartments.

Ciao, ciao! Was that Nice