Invited to The Parade of Pronovias 2013: They Give Us How Tracks Look at a Party Fashion

Pronovias He returned to dazzle more than 1,800 guests who attended yesterday night her fashion show in the room Oval of the Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona, where they performed their different collections 2013. Among the famous guests of the national scene, journalists from media around the world, bloggers … all their finery to enjoy an unforgettable night.

The international model Bar Refaeli It was one of the guests of luxury. for the occasion he wore a model in color makeup applications of Pronovias Fiesta 2013 strass. At the after party, I tried to take a picture with it without success.

I loved the variety of styles boasts Pronovias ranging from the most Ethereal dresses or volumes to the satin, long, silk … and that’s one of the great advantages that you can find what you are looking for.

Many guests and all these ideals, a perfect example to copy to our parties. Eva Mª González He chose a dress with sequins in gold, with beautiful wavy mane and very suggestive Vee neckline. As complements clutch and salons in bronze.

Tamara Falcó Admittedly it is very cute and in my opinion will always acertadacon. This time chose a dress in pink suit with asymmetrical neckline and peep – toe with divine crystals of heels and platform details. Cute!

Genoveva Casanova also in pink suit, with paillettes in silver forming a waterfall and Swarovski clutch.

Malena Costa with snug-fitting model of silk tulle, with microdrapeado, and asymmetrical neckline with precious sandals in the form of “ T ” in keeping with the latest trends.

It was spectacular Helen Lindes with an asymmetrical neckline, design in Navy Blue and rhinestone applications in the same tone.

Michelle Salas, the daughter of singer Luis Miguel, was accompanied by his mother, Stephanie Salas. Rooms chose a dress in silk color tulle asymmetrical neckline and makeup winners of the night.

And in the same style cute actress Silvia Alonso, dress in silk tulle with asymmetrical neckline microdrapeado in pastel blue.

Lena Gercke, the girlfriend of football player of Real Madrid Sami Khedira, blogger Gala Gonzalez, Alejandra Rojas, the rest of the guests were … in addition to Rebecca’s A Trendy Life, Keyla’s Daily wedding, the girls of Lost in Vogue, Maika’s Luxurious Barcelona, Nuria de Nuria100vest, Andrea’s The vanguard and a servant, although we are not famous, we were the life of the party.

In my case I chose this cut black dress like lady of Etxart & Panno, combined with a matte silver belt, wallet with matching of Carolina Herrera and black Sandals of Paco Gil heels and platform. What do you think?

The grand finale of this special journey was the private party that offered Pronovias guests, in the impressive Palauet Albéniz in Montjuïc. An incomparable setting, one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona, perfect for enjoying a fantastic and unbeatable evening.

These images belong to the interior of the Palace: the entrance and gardens, one of the lounges, the dome of one of the rooms overlooking the garden where the party was held.