It Is a Trouser or a Handkerchief? It Is The New Must-Have Summer

We continue with trends that you do not stop arise as the weeks progress. More to choose from, and with one not enough. Because the more have more dispersed will be the looks on the street, although sometimes it costs and we finished all dressed the same way. And today a garment it are the shorts patterned scarf. Short, very short, silk, sheer and strident colors. How to combine them? Easy answer, with simple bodies which not to steal the prominence they deserve.

And a blogger that is a trend not lost is the author of Song of Style. This week it shows us that theirs is innate style, and their shorts at H & M are not easy to carry. In Orange as a basis and details on Leopard and pink Fuchsia, blogger merges them with a easy openwork jersey and clear heels. What you think about the end result?

If what you prefer is a model in darker colors, You can go to Zara. I think it was in this store where I saw the first model of this very special garment. In this case, I would opt for a living body (although plain), like a sweater or a turquoise blouse.

Turquoise, yellow and green. I too much? Not if it’s this version made in Uterqüe. There is also the version long pants and in shirt, but I I prefer these shorts.

And if you still like the more showy versions opts for this model of Asos where the Yellow Queen in the garment and the roses are the second leading role next to the gold chains.

Shall you fall yielded to this garment?