Jenni Kayne Pre-Fall 2014: a Lesson of Style Masterly Matchy-Matchy

Always I’ve been very fan of Jenni Kayne collections. Your clothes are relaxing but with a touch of sophistication and performances we found those clothes looks intended exceptionally for the stylist, which get mixes that always surprise. In this Pre-Fall 2014 It seems that the idea is the style matchy-matchy and Kayne gives us a Masterful lesson in how to get it.

The trick that makes the entire collection have a cohesion is to design different garments with a same print and play to combine them in one way or another, with others items with the same print as in the first photo or with a completely different texture. Of course you can always change the skirt by the pants and have another different scarves.

Another example of the power of the matchy-matchy. In this case We have a shirt, an American and jeans stamped to that they can be taken together or separately. Pants with shirt and American all together is perhaps too, that combine with metallic pants or punched white tops. The case is playing with three parts.

And that becomes not only printed garments, the total denim, trendy in recent seasons can also play the matchi-matchi in the world of Jenni Kayne. We again have a coat, a top and shorts to play to combine them in a thousand ways.

In this collection of Jenni Kayne for the first days of autumn, up to monochrome clothes go in couple. Total looks white, camel, oranges or metallic with touches green and blue, a combination that had not thought of me but to ready it for another time: