Low-Cost Trends: I Say Yes to Brilli Brilli, and You?

It is clear that brilli brilli is a trend of those charged by force when the nougat appears in supermarkets, Christmas lights illuminate the streets and letters to the Magi travel to the far East. But, they are not the sequins and the flashes in the garments and accessories one Christmas symbol? Besides, of course, a tendency to take into account.

The jackets and tops with paillettes they are a must this season, and the giant among giants in terms of low-cost is one of the heads of career. Once again, Zara commands.

  • Zara-embroidered Blazer, $ 99.95 euros.
  • Top striped in black and red of Zara, for 39.95 euro.

The skirts they are one of the elements most aided when the dress of our dreams does not materialize in stores, are easy to combine, more adaptable to casual looks and there are a variety of them.

  • River Island gold sequin skirt, 38,36 euros.
  • Tribal miniskirt with sequins from Asos, by 41,10 EUR.

Although the sequins have not only conquered the prom dresses, they have also managed to sneak into the land of sweatshirts, the garment cool that you must have in your wardrobe of newspaper, which face to Christmas are reinterpreted with a twist more cool.

  • Sweatshirt printed with sequins on sleeves of Mango, for 29.99 euros.
  • Sweater with sequins on the front Only, by 35,62 EUR.

Short dresses are the Kings of mambo at this time, and it is not surprising when the need to get more beautiful and original dress turns into madness. And There is the brilli-brilli making his guest appearance.

  • Black dress with cut outs of Goldie, 47,95 EUR.
  • Dress with sequin Oh my love, 25,34 euros.

If minimalism is your roll and Raisin exaggerations with glitters, but at the same time you’re loyal reader of Jezebel and in your deep down you want to follow this trend that you propose, fear not, clutchs or party bags they can be your salvation and the note that put the distinction to your look.

  • Party with bicoloured Asos sequin bag, by 47,95 EUR.
  • Clutch with sequins on the flap handle, for 29.99 euros.