Madness in The Sale of Lanvin for H & M Told by @LuMovi and Other Tuiteras

Today was the day. Today was for sale the Lanvin for H & M collection in several cities in Spain. Possible insanity that would unleash was controlled by the Swedish firm with strict rules to buy turns of 25 people, with 15 minutes to choose clothes.

You have been woman I had been in the queue waiting, since the collection of man not attracted me particularly. Thanks to the collaboration of LuMovi have been able to be informed of what was happening in Barcelona with a large number of photos despite the fact that these were not allowed.

Thanks to Twitter also we have been learning from everything that was happening in other cities using the hashtag #HMLanvin. There have been able to read comments as @Nazaret, who was in the H & M in Seville:

Tension in the row. The cougars face among them. Poor. #hmlanvin

Also from Seville, @Acapulco70 has left us a large number of images to see from inside the store and several reflections:

Printing #2 elbaz may be a genius, but @hm does not care the details. #hmlanvin printing #4 nevertheless forecast, bottlenecks in transparency skin with applications are beautiful #hmlanvin printing #5 the people who buy the collaborations of @hm da Asquith.

We return to @Lumovi from Barcelona. It had been in the queue since 7:20 and up to the 10: 00 has not been able to enter. Although he says that you for the exclusive collection of Jimmy Choo was more and came later. Perhaps motivated by the change of day as she said:

This time it shows that it is not Saturday. Missing working mothers compulsive buyers #hmlanvin

The quarrels by taking pictures inside were constant in all cities, but nobody says no to a tuitera that seeks to have his red bow tie and he has got to buy.

At least when you enter H & M He gave this bag to the first 100 with a scarf inside each purchaser. A detail.

We see all the decoration for the display of the collection and printed dresses the mannequins wearing.

Inside the store was well placed all the pairs of shoes so it was easier to find carvings.

The ruffle dresses was one of the stars of the collection.

Many thanks to @LuMovi for becoming our most dicharachera reporter for a day! We let it rest testing everything you have purchased.