Mischa Barton Now in Leather for Nylon

There’s a moment in the career all artist, falling in the easy bid to the success. Either because It is not going through a good time, the successes are not arriving as they expected, and only received negative criticism; or to try to get what is not achieved by way of the work. Then, magazines and publishing power, are the focus to relaunch the career of any.

Proof of this, has been the move of Mischa Barton, who is without lifting head. Seen acting in films of second row, as You and I or Assassination of a High School President, only titles for a teenage audience, the style of The O.C.. She is seen with a few looks that clash, as my colleague says Laia, who keeps us abreast of his last appearances, in the majority of cases.

Then what it was? Appear nude or almost nude, in an important circulation magazine. The American magazine Nylon It is the platform where the photo shoot that have our beloved has been published Actress as the protagonist. In pictures, always sale hinting, pretending that you going to teach more and offer other topless (did it in the film recently). The photos below.

As if you imitate to Janis Joplin in their times of hippie, with a mini cowboy vest, and a large black hat, Mischa Barton seeks to captivate the camera lens with his physical.

To tell the truth, the young actress, right now is his only weapon in its body (his performances are to analyze…) and this could not be side. So to see it in sexy positions, exposing part of their breasts but never not to teach entirely. It’s him I want and I can not. Also shows us that the cellulite recent that we saw in some pictures, it does not appear anywhere.

Photoshop or not (there’s always), Mischa Barton comes out very pretty, even if always this girl leave me rather cold.