Polka Dots or Flowers to Celebrate The Arrival of Spring Would You Choose?

It is already here, Yes Yes, spring. We can fall into the cliché and celebrate the arrival of the spring season with flowers (in fact, today took a flower shirt animated by the Sun making) or with polka dots, another also very cheerful stamping making us to forget about the dull looks winter. In the street already dress with Spring looks:

I’m not much for moles, but this I liked look with polka dot skirt, It looks good with Hunter leather and necklace and bracelet with brilliants. A transitional look well-suited and happy.

If you still want more moles, you can bet by a 100% polka dot dress. Black and white and it is spring!

But if you don’t mind falling into clichés, spring arrives and we can us flowers. A Flower shirt with jeans with the appropriate accessories and we already have the full and simple look.

Also can incorporate spring parts gradually, for example, a simple flowers scarf to encourage our sober looks of the winter.