Puma Brand Profile – Shoes, Clothing & Sportswear Buying Guide


All who grow ran as motion in a greater or lesser extent, knows how important one’s running shoes are. Many have tried to start out in a pair of old sneakers or sneakers, which were not designed to run in – and have experienced, how hurt they were in feet and legs. Maybe even a sore head, for the kind of shoes has absolutely no suspension or shock-absorbing posts in the heel, so that each time a foot with reasonable speed on hitting the ground, so it takes a shock directly from the heel up to the head. And run it so that even on a hard substrate such as asphalt, so it may be just even worse. It is not happening in a pair of Puma running shoes or other footwear from the brand, which is specially designed for special sports activity, as for example, Puma football boots. Puma golf shoes are also available in the range. Most of the shoes from the brand exist both for women, men and children, as well as all age groups, so there is a possibility that the whole family can be dressed well.

Sportswear and shoes in world class

PUMA is without a doubt among the greatest sports brands in the world, and therefore, there are also a number of top athletes who swear by this brand, which has had more than 90 years to develop shoes and other equipment to perfection. PUMA is a German brand, which oddly enough has a parallel history with another major sports brand for Adidas. Adidas was founded in 1949 by the two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. They started producing shoes for athletes back in 1924, where their company was called “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik”. The brothers ‘ parted ways in 1947, where his brother Rudolf because lagged company Puma, which today is one of the largest sports brands worldwide, and one of the major competitors of Adidas. Adolf, the second brother, named the Adidas AdiDassler, after both his nickname and after the motto “All Day in Dream about Sports”. Both brands still have headquarters in Germany in the town of Herzogennaurach, and the company is worth more than 100 billion dollars a year. PUMA currently produces virtually all kinds of sportswear, but also more ordinary clothes and footwear such as Puma sneakers.

Both for sport and for recreation

The very large sports collection from Puma is for both elite athletes as for amateurs, but there are also clothes and other equipment than for sport. There is a great selection of boots for every season, among other things, and there are t-shirts for everyday use, there are bags in all sizes, caps and a delicious fragrance series. For women, there are, for example, tops and caps, sweatshirts and sandals. Children can of course get all the clothes for an active outdoor life, but they can also get many accessories with fun designs and the brand’s logo – the leaping puma.


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