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The Australian brand Quiksilver is probably best known for their delicious designs of surfer shorts and t-shirts, but with a wide selection of ski clothes and accessories for both summer and winter season, the brand covers every need for clothing and equipment for an active lifestyle. At mathgeneral.com you will find a wide selection of the many collections from Quiksilver for men. We’ve picked the best selling products from the successful brand to you that must have renewed the wardrobe for the upcoming season. It says no holiday plans in the program, so there are plenty of delicious accessories for everyday use in the form of bags and shoes. Remember that mathgeneral.com has the largest selection of clothing, shoes and accessories at competitive prices, where everyone can participate.

Australian aplomb and innovation

The story of Quiksilver started back in 1969, when two Australian guys decided to develop the surfer area, which they felt was missing in the market. The idea of creating surfer shorts that could live up to the demands of a surfer makes to its equipment, was created in their own garage, where everything was designed and sewn by hand. The rumor quickly spread among the many surfers in the area. So the demand was quick great, since other surfers in the area got the eyes up for the new clothes, and suddenly was a great success all along the coast, Quiksilver. Today the success spread to the entire world, where the Quiksilver is the best-selling brand in the surfing world. The brand is sponsoring some of the world’s best surfers, and stands as the main sponsor of the biggest competitions in the industry. A lot has happened since the need for good board shorts originated in a coastal town in Australia.

Delicious and colorful equipment for the sporty man

Quiksilver is known for their brightly colored equipment that mixes a casual street style with contemporary trends in sportswear. Inspiration can be found partly in the international fashion image, but to a greater extent in sportsmen and women themselves. Professional athletes will be included on the Council, when new collections to be designed and produced. It creates innovative products that are based on the functionality and convenience of those who will be using the equipment. The quality is top notch, which is important when there is talk about clothes and equipment for an active lifestyle. Whether its ski clothes or swimsuits, it must be able to withstand being exposed to greater wear and more frequent washing than our ordinary everyday clothes. In particular, bathing when it every day are exposed to salt water and solar radiation. Quiksilver live happily up to these conditions, so you are assured of a delicious, fashionable and comfortable product, which keeps more than one season. Then take a look at our great selection of delicious and colorful clothing from Quiksilver, and let yourself be inspired when the wardrobe should be spiced up for the coming season.


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