Your Best Guide to R.e.b.u.s


R.e.b.u.s. Is For Children With Self And Good Taste

Children need to play and move to develop properly, and they should preferably not just playing with herself, but with friends, for example, in kindergarten, in school or just out in the garden. But it is not always completely still for it, so the kids must have some clothes, they can move in, and which, on the one hand, can keep climbing trees, hide-and-seeking, playing ball and being washed often. So it is not really something, if the parents are too squeamish about their children’s clothes. Instead, they should choose something hard-wearing clothes that the kids can play and grow in, and every parent knows that children do not have to be quite old, before they have their own clear opinion about how clothes should look like. The small Danish fashion label R. e. b. u. s specializes in the design and production of clothing for children aged 3-10 years in a nice and modern style, which is similar to the slightly more adults street wear style with jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, winter clothes and much more. We have gathered large number of the world’s best brands’ introduction of children’s clothes, fashion, shoes and accessories under one hat, so it’s easy and simple for you to find clothing that falls into your children’s taste.

R.e.b.u.s. Designed For Children

There is to a large extent taken account of the children’s own wishes in relation to colors, prints and patterns, but also to parents ‘ demands for quality and price. Children’s clothes should be fun and like with colors and patterns that stand out. Nevertheless, one must never underestimate children’s fashion sense. Therefore, r. e. b. u. s will greatly benefit children who have an attitude towards their own attire, and who makes demands on the design. The style is festive, and the fun print offers a good opportunity for an individual style on the children’s own terms. The inspiration is picked up in the international children’s fashion and in the children’s own game. Clothing from r. e. b. u. s to children fall therefore in good soil, when the wardrobe to be renewed.

  1. e. b. u. s Is For Active Kids
  2. e. b. u. s to make clothes that are targeted family’s smallest. That is why all products designed to be able to keep to the play and activity that comes naturally to children. All products are manufactured from quality materials that can withstand being used in everyday life, and that can take the wear and tear that comes with in children’s everyday lives. Vehicle can withstand a frequent washing without losing either color or shape. Besides it is so durable that it can pass to the smaller siblings in the family or friends ‘ children, for children most often grows out of their own clothing before it’s worn out., in other words, so is R. e. b. u. s definitely a good investment when children’s wardrobe-it needs to be replaced.


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