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Adorable outdoor wear to small with Racoon

Racoon saw the light of day in year 2011 as a prelaunch of the brand Cupcake; the name was just as sweet as its clothes. The cute clothes are of course taken with this brand with more colors and even more expansion for both girls and boys. Cupcake has been around since 2006, so in fact, the company has approximately a decade of experience. Children’s wear brand belongs to under Pure Kids, who are behind many clothing brands for children, in order to be able to give you the best possible style. Racoon is very popular with families with children. It is mainly because they want to create truly fat clothes in high quality that are inspired by Scandinavian values and heritage. It is easy to find and recognize in the selection of clothes for children. Just look for the fantastic, playful prints and bold designs, which hark towards children’s fantasy world. Let kids be kids in outfits, all want to keep by. The beautiful color schemes are not the only area where the brand shines. Their focus is on clothing for outdoor use, so it is optimized for all children’s outdoor play areas in the whole of Northern Europe. Since the vehicle is sold to children throughout the region, it can also withstand the weather here. It is designed for Scandinavia’s weather with rain and wind and other challenges. So they can continue to go on adventures in small easily recognizable design, which means that they can be seen between trees and playing square’s swings.

Racoon Selects Materials Carefully

Textiles for the children’s clothes are selected so that they are in well dirt-resistant and at the same time easy to keep clean with minimum use of water. It makes it easier to wash clothes and it can stick to a little of each. It is made in order to be able to keep children warm, and that they can move freely. Comfort and functionality is most important. In addition, it’s reliable to use the mark in production out of YKK zippers, and THERMOLITE insulation for clothing in all weather conditions. Vehicle thus becomes breathable and wind-and waterproof. Since icing on the cake is like built-in reflectors for the children’s safety on black winter mornings or twilight.

Find the perfect outdoor wear for children from Racoon

With all the different collections of Racoon outdoor, there is something necessary to find for both large and small. There are the sizes that suit for the children who are between 9 months and 8 years. Here you can find outerwear guides such as soft shells, rainwear, fleece, winter jackets, or a classic Racoon Snowsuit. The clothes are available in both pastels and pang colors. Contrasts, hearts, stars, nature motifs and abstract prints make it lively and fun for children to wear. The clothes are always sweet and tastefully with fresh details. So let some little boys,poder and tumlinger explore, learn and explore in clothes from Racoon.


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