Seasonal Fashion – Cheka Which Comes

We will give a list of the “musts” of this spring/summer, if you want to go to the last sure of not missing any in your closet:

Seasonal Fashion - Cheka Which Comes

  • Dress Baby Doll: as if it were a Nightgown, short, wide, shapeless and very light.
  • Gauze, transparencies and lace for your nights of partying, madness and debauchery will be a success.
  • Maxipantalones: Leave a little left to your cigarettes and buy yourself some baggy jeans with very masculine air. By the way, the high-waisted, anything go teaching panties.

Shorts &: take advantage of the Sun’s rays and luce legs.

  • Overlapping of garments: still playing with volumes and will be the last, nothing marks the curves, it is hinted, but not marked. Bets on the sleeves and puff skirts, balloon style is still IN.
  • Colors: Forget discrete colors, summer is here and with it the colors acids and flashy. The basic colors of this season are the bubble gum pink, deep red and Canary yellow. Aside from the always classic white, in your wardrobe can not miss white skinny, the more adjusted better. The style of the 1980s is also having a strong influence this season, don’t forget it.
  • Moles XXL: Bet on this printed above in accessories.
  • Striped vintage (70’s): wide stripes, psychedelic colors, bets on these prints your t-shirts and accessories.
  • Another pattern that wins this spring are vichy pictures, personally, I love them.
  • If you want to imagine you’re in Hawaii you won’t have to travel a lot, since the tropical style is consolidated as a trend this spring, buy a shirt or dress with flowers big or small.