SFW: Whyred – a Fine Hopkop of Everything Else

Fashion Week’s biggest, busiest and star-studded tour was Whyred. The collection, which was shown taking off from its predecessors and featured a sort of hybrid of all those seen previously during the week.

There were them: the short ulljackan, the long coat with concealed buttons, polo collar, checkered and white shirt, hints of metallic gray color, short, single-breasted jackets with a button, which some in fancy, glossy fabric. For the first time presents Whyred this fall a complete fall collection. Perhaps it was I who was inattentive, but I saw only a measly shoe model was unveiled during the show. The complete in that we leave unanswered.

The silhouette was varied, but predominantly at, especially in the mostly gray chino trousers like low branch. Otherwise, we could also see a rust-colored jeans model with stylish fit. Several fine sweaters, a granddad shirt and a magnificent coat in black leather were also presented.

It’s not that we have not seen this before, but Whyred still managed to distinguish itself from the gray mass of material and workmanship. After a fun Our Whyred will definitely at least as fun fall!