Shopping Weekday Launches “Back To Real “Collection & We Give You 15%

In all the fashionable excursions, we play here in most common intervals on Jane Wayne, the yearning over us always comes back after real pieces to the rum lounge, to be, to not attract attention. As well as grey hooded jackets and sweatshirts that belong, at least since the 5th grade to our loyal companions to the textile allies who put us through puberty, us in the schoolyard to the unit welded and today for the necessary dose “slow down” in the crazy fashion universe. Or also: “back to real”, to say it with the words of weekday.

The Swede launches today that his latest capsule collection of “class of 2016 “and reminiscent of our youth in the 90s and at a time that is fashionably seen often as full disaster was titled, from the 80s served Prince of Bell Air combined charm with Dr Alban and wanted to be so casual, like little more than an another decade before. For God’s sake, what we were madly at this time, what have we drift by the next surprise us, we were young. Weekday has now even canned the whole thing for us, mixed with a pinch of today and a trickle fine futuristic icing sugar above it can be – and celebrated with us “back to real “: concentrate on the essentials, is more often once again unimpressed and not go. And because the purpose of us today exactly according to this attitude, we have thought of course to you and made a small discount code deal of 15 percent off on your next visit to the online shop. Kafaei!

And so does: with the code are our site’s at the check out 15 percent discount between 11 and 25 August 2016 * – and you can all there choose what you like.

Nike Jane: pants (soon online, here in white), gray shirt and earrings. Et moi: mini skirt, stripes shirt & lavendelfarbener sweater

Redeemable in the shop, can be combined with other offers.

More “back to real” goodies of the latest capsule collection.