Special Children’s Fashion: Signatures of Luxury for The Kids in The House

The children fashion It also has a place in international firms. Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Lanvin, Stella McCartney….luxury brands that kids remember the House and create special, very similar to the older, loaded with Rory and flirty clothes collections. It is difficult to give in to these whims, if not because they are only suitable for wealthy pockets. Is children’s fashion ready-to-wear fashion.



Alber Elbaz He created his first line of luxury infant clothing. The collection consists of 25 pieces designed for children up to 4 years among which we can see dresses, coats and accessories. All under the signs of identity Lanvin, a French court design, luxury, sumptuous colors, loops… Designs are inspired by characters such as Elizabeth Taylor, the Princes Harry and William and Madame Grès.

The style that we see in these Mini-prendas is very romantic, Since the fundamental tissues are the organza, tulle, Ruffles, crystals and satin ties that create a dreamy dresses to dress up the small house fashionistas.

I can not forget of the trench Junior in camel color, just like that of older … so that the girl knows already what is a must have, a basic wardrobe.

Baby Dior


The outfits of Baby Dior they are the most! A collection designed for children more “ posh ” without losing the characteristic of the French maison glamour. The collection is divided into two age groups: for babies from 6 to 24 months and for children 2 to 10 years.

Sophisticated dresses carved in satin or velvet, with tulle skirts, but all to look at special moments. Colors range from pastels like the rose classic girls to garnets, lilac and blue marino for the more trevidas. I see these two propuesats and is like contemplating two designs of young girl in kid’s version. If I like to my!!

The collection of girls in a beautiful and care video:

And the collection of children

Stella McCartney


A designer and mother of four as Stella, could not fail to have their own children’s line which established for the first time in 2009.

Of more sporty style and perfect to wear daily garments, Stella McCartney kids It offers the smaller style informal but in keeping with the latest trends. Ideal looks for playing, smear and spend, nothing of formalisms. The printed dresses are the garment, and the point, the woven star, to move anything cold.



The collection of Burberry childrens It’s point and apart. It just fascinates me, and I also say that I want to it all for me. They are not formal as Dior or as informal as McCartney proposals kids. They look like children will work. I love jacket thick with a golden belt, very combinable with any pants or dresses.

The best? The great variety of coats. There are all types: military style as blue, air minimalist as the orange of the video or feminine layers so that the MOM and daughter get equal.

The waterproof boots for rainy days are real cuties. And it is that the British firm gives particular importance to the outfits for rainy days.

Children seem to be real men. Do not you think?

Scottish picture that Thomas Burberry patented in 1924 and that his surname has become world famous stamped on all kinds of garments, not missing the child online. Here we see it in a lovely dress lanita.

Here you have a video of the campaign, a beautiful music acompnada:

Carolina Herrera


The vagaries of Carolina Herrera they are marked by little shoes lined with the logo of the firm, something that I know that don’t like many but other Yes. They may look with a look in brown or with a smooth pantoles and smock.

And the Porta-chupetes It cannot be more monkey. A carved case in red leather with a signature plate.



Tiffany, jewelry firm, also remembers the children with add-ins luxury. Dishes for more babies or charms for most flirty girls are some of the proposals.

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