Special Children’s Fashion: This Autumn-Winter Trends Are Also for The Kids

In Jezebel We are always talking about trends that are at all times: for this Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 There are many that are analyzing week after week. But for the kids of the House signatures also think in them and launch their collections with these trends but adapted to their tastes. Hair, cute, military fashion… All gather in a post for which the Princess of the House go to the last.

Warm and chic

The fashion of the Yeti is one of the most viewed this season. Whether it is in coats, scarves, shoes or complements the hair sweeps past where going. And in a small cabinet also. Zara coolest moment launches a collection intended for the little girl.

Hooded and uploaded color found this jacket signed by Little Marc Jacobs. This article is for the mini fashion victims.

The vests they are a garment very demanded for the time of autumn: they’re and give a chic styling. In IKKS Junior We find this version in grey.

But if mothers prefer it, can choose you this one of Zara Kids in beige with belt.

If we like this trend but we do not want our daughters to look the Yeti in all its splendor you can opt for items that have hair details: This jacket in grey’s Pinko Up It is a good choice. Nappa is and has lined the cuffs and neck in hair.

Apres ski boots are perfect for the snowy days or to go to the mountain. Sign these Zara Kids and they are perfect for small House do not pass cold on your feet in no time.

And if you prefer a luxury shoes version, we have these half-lap-haired Mountain boots signed by Fendi.

Break ranks!

Military fashion is, once again, walk from canon, especially in cardigans and coats. Burberry presents a few coats for more presumed girls of the moment very similar to the of the collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 woman. Mother and daughter equal? Now it is possible to.

But if what we want is low-cost clothing IKKS Junior you have this Cardigan in grey with double breasted.

The beginnings of Gossip Girl & #8230;

Do you remember the first chapters of? Gossip Girl? The protagonists were going to class with pleated skirts very schoolgirls. If we want our daughters to go with that british touch we can achieve it with this garment. In Pinko Up We have presented this version with Raya diplomatic.

And in Baby Dior This one is in light colors. Much more delicate and not suitable for every day.

More sequins and spangles

Like the girls shine with their own light, as it sounds. That’s that for these Christmas We can choose to dress them with clothes full of sequins. This signed by Chloe Kids, isn’t it divine?

But as they grow to unimagined speed it is a pity to spend so much money for a single season, so that in Zara Kids We find this one of wool and sequins. What do you think?

What trend do you stay for your daughters?