Tacky Trends for Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

Sometimes we want to get the trends with shoehorn. And by that I do not step. What is good is to follow fashion but without being a fashion victim. Because let’s be honest, there are trends that are unbearable and worse we are fatal. That is why it is so important to know what remains good and what not without neglecting the fashion. Then the tacky trends for autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 that I never would. What are yours?

Hair jackets. I can’t handle them, I don’t like to look like a yeti. Last year they came with force, I thought that the nightmare was over there but not. Of the photo of Motel in Topshop.

The boot with platform. Abominable. I can’t find it no sense carrying platform with a mountain boot. In general I don’t like platforms exaggerated for any shoe. At the moment it doesn’t have to be a drag queen. The spoils of the photo are of Pull & Bear.

Panties with sequins. A few sequins isolated in some panties can be well but look like a disco ball as soon as naked you not release much glamour to say. Everything has a limit, friend. The of the photo by Topshop.

The poorly used lace. I love the clothes with lace. But you have to be delicate, beautiful and be happy. Sometimes used fatal in some clothes and get all the opposite effect. The dress is Topshop.

Impossible-heeled shoes. Petite women should be in favour of the impossible heels, but I say no. One thing is a high heel and the other that the heel is longer than your legs.

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