Taylor Momsen Also Is Targeting The Dress Shirt

We were few and became it, the benjamina of Gossip Girl, the younger sister of the canon Badgley, the pretty girl with the face of good that later turns out to be not so Holy; Taylor Momsen, She is only fifteen years which gives life to Jenny Humphrey in the popular series, usually remain in the background as regards Blake Lively y Leightoon Meester, But Despite his youth, could almost be my daughter (exaggerating), it comes stomping,

It has embraced the most widely fashionable after the boyfriend jeans: the dress shirt or t-shirt, and I must say that I love your look; It is very teenager, very of at home, but Mary Janes triple detail Strip, double rate,

and the look is yours, it is not a stylist of the series, although the dress which later we saw it in the filming that these days it has resumed in New York, does not diminish,

the size of this mini dress is perfect, I love the shape, especially neck, fall, flight and stamping; all, I to the fifteen, was not so mona.