The Celebrities “Teen” Is Go Party with His Bible of Fashion

Perhaps now sounds more but at the time, makes already some years old, magazine Teen Vogue It was a complete unknown. It was a pleasure to view and taste to discover it in my time in the Big Apple. Despite not being a teen, I liked much more than her older sister. His team and its Director have gone from party and who could attend more than the stars of Hollywood teen?

Its little format, their creative outfits, editorial cambuci and great ideas for do it yourself since then turned in one of my favorite headers. The photocall responds to all this. We started with Kate Bosworth and Jasper Polish both natural and the most juvenile ornate makeup without unnecessary ormentaciones.

The Young Hollywood Party, thus called the event sponsored by Emporio Armani in its tenth edition, also featured the presence of Victoria Justice of Emporio Armani, Debby Ryan y Hailee Steinfeld.

The young teen celebrities danced to the sound of another teenager’s popularity, or seeking its place in the world. He is Connor Cruise, the son of Tom Cruise.
Nikki Reed great in black and white, color trend of the next summer with a perfect blazer jacket with contrast live.

But if the monochromatism of domino is not your thing and you like the blue klein, like dress pleated Greek goddess braids of Kiernan Shipka.

Also in color, this time citric, and styling of Emporio Amani with beautiful asymmetrical vest, Britt Robertson.