The Goya Awards Ignore Emerging Spanish Fashion

Maria Leon of Lanvin.

The argument over repeated when I hear talk of Cibeles, forgiveness, of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, is: internationalization. I guess at Modesto Lomba, as President of the ACME which is, going to bed every day overwhelmed thinking how to achieve that international prestige. Understand this: the hardest thing get for a project is to promote, so when they arrive the Goya 2012 one hopes for the best representation of the Spanish fashion on the red carpet for the sake of this projection toward other countries. Unfortunately, the film returned to turn their backs to most emerging national fashion and talent, in one of the years in which Goya remained a good style.

Always I’ve missed how to do British in the world of Spanish culture. Commented it on the occasion of the launch of Mary Katrantzou by Topshop. They reward themselves and then they feed back slowly with all available means. In fashion we see the famous carry designs of the Greek designer settled in England and after the firm’s low-cost strong also supports him giving more international relevance and great public access to it.

That here does not pass. Still less imagine us Duyos, accessible signature, nothing to do with the modernity of the prints of Katrantzou, supported on fronts such as Mango and Zara, impossible. It is the current exception of Hoss Intropia that has emerged triumphant in their union with Miguel Palacio. We all know that Inditex is a closed circuit, but handle well could follow the example of their homologous firms abroad and launch a collection as well.

Without going for the branches, which is commonplace in me. The Goya are the patron who always says: quiet, quiet, you will be supporting, or at least think that it will do so, but at the end everything remains in no man’s land. With this I am not saying that many of Spanish actresses that on Sunday boarded the red carpet does not support to Spanish fashion, there was a good number of examples, but that generally, faces that have greater focus, see Elena Anaya, Michelle Jenner or Blanca Suárez, to name just three, prefer look at the hands of an international designer. And that is something.

Among the best dressed of the ceremony there were just Spanish design. Just do a quick review to see it:

  • Gucci: Marta Etrura, Veronica Echegui, Salma Hayek.
  • Lanvin: Elena Anaya, Maria Leon.
  • Dior: Irene Visedo,
  • Blumarine: Blanca Suarez.
  • Elie Saab: Goya Toledo.
  • Dior: Cayetana Guillén Cuervo.
  • Zuhair Murad: Michelle Jenner, Clara Lake

Therefore, in this single list see to Leonor Watling Miriam ocáriz, to Cristina Peña of Amaya Arzuaga (look that I forgot to put) and Toni Acosta Dolores promises. We could also include a Marisa Paredes dressed in Carmen Halffter.

Eva Hache of Davidelfin.

Clear that on the red carpet, there were Spanish fashion, of course. If there had been anything that would be a problem. Among the signatures of dresses that had more presence saw Pedro de iron high seam (Belén Rueda, Lucía Jiménez and Pilar Castro), Hannibal Laguna (Carolina Bang, Eva Hache, and Norma Ruiz) and Pains promise (Toni Acosta, Leire Martínez, Marta Belenguer).

There was also a presence of Lorenzo Caprile (Silvia Abascal, Anne Igartiburu), of Cortana (Leticia Dolera and Aina Clotet), both firms with great success. Of Juanjo Oliva (Inma Cuesta, Juana Acosta) and Pepe Botella (alba García) and Teresa Helbig (Macarena Gomez) among others. In addition to the outstanding exception of Eva Hache costume changes. Six nothing less: Carlos Diez, David Delfín, Devota & Lomba, Ion Fiz, and Hannibal Laguna.

Blanca Suarez of Monique Lhuillier.

But the Goya Awards continue to suffer the dementia of wanting to be like the Oscars, so it is not surprising that the young faces most known and expected to attend the red carpet emulating their contemporary foreign with the same fashion brands. That means a clear alignment composed by Elie Saab, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Lanvin, Gucci, and Zuhair Murad, in the absence of a Valentino, which will arrive in 2013, surely. Come on, the idea is to convert the red carpet of the Goya in one new identical product more, as happens with the Gran Via in Madrid. Rather than bet on the differentiation as a personal seal, Goya looking to be another thing, fashion including.

In this way, young Spanish actresses, which María Valverde (Dior), Pilar López de Ayala (Nina Ricci), Manuela Velasco (Carolina Herrera), in addition to prefer the world-renowned bet national talent, that is, both the former runway of Cibeles in the OFF or EGO. They prefer to be clones foreign to distinguish themselves with dresses that just look them.

Macarena Gomez de Teresa Helbig.

The only actress who demonstrates a commitment to the firm, contract or no back, that already I am indifferent, it is Macarena Gomez. It is the closest thing that we have at this time by Spain’s icon of brand as overseas may be others like Keira Knightley for Valentino in his day. The Spanish go to parades of Teresa Helbig and then in the subsequent acts follows leaving see that signature. Unless we see a personality, a maintained style and not a change of jacket constant according to the popularity of the signatures.

The Goya are the best gateway for names like Duyos, Alvarno, Etxeberria, Davidelfin, Angel Schlesser, Ana Locking, Jesús de el Pozo, Ion Fiz, Teresa Helbig, Ailanto, Alberto Puras, Jorge Acuña, and more…

Alvarno, Jorge Acuña and Duyos.

¿If it is from the inside not accompanied to fashion then Spanish where it is expected to do? And I do not mean to choose the dresses of the designers, with all due respect to Pedro de el Hierro and Hannibal Laguna, but the young names who designed interesting collections whose global showcase is on a red carpet. It’s the same claim which makes the Spanish cinema to the media: more for their part support.

Then should be to assess if Goya Awards red carpet is interesting for someone outside Spain, but that’s for another day. What matters here is supporting the fashionable Spanish, or at least, let Modesto Lomba to go to bed without strain, quiet, smiling like a child, having achieved that famous internationalization.