The Look Right: Plain Polo Overlapped the Plaid Shirt

One advantage of autumn is being able to mix pieces and create different looks, but is also something that can become a disadvantage if you have difficulty with color combinations or a dubious taste at the time of joining the clothing and trims. Who has a good insight usually benefit from the station, making beautiful overlays even though the parts are not so conventional, as in the example of this week.

The Look Right Plain Polo Overlapped the Plaid Shirt

Why does it work?

It may seem an unusual choice, but the long sleeve polo here is the times a lightweight mesh for a half station, with the collar telling you how a touch more. By be lisa she leaves the look more lean, with the chess appearing below only as a detail, and the pants neutral and dark throwing the look at the top half of your body.

This type of production can be used as well, with the shirt outside, for a leisurely walk, or on the inside and with a shoe with a touch of the serious to environments a little more demanding.

Try this…

A tennis as well relax to the combo leisure or a brogue brown to the combo of work, in this last case uses the shirt inside and team it with a belt casual but discreet. Roll up the sleeves of the polo and fold of the shirt give an air of cool and can help if the temperature rises a little.

It would not be the same thing if…

the polo was striped, because the combination would be very polluted, and here the balance speaks louder.

In short:

  • The autumn gives you the space for interesting combinations, but all the care is little;
  • Think about overlaps with parts that are not common, they can function;
  • One-piece smooth top helps maintain the balance of the look and prevents overboard with prints;
  • Underneath a checkered pattern gives a good counterpoint;
  • The way you use the shirt (inside or outside) sets the environment to be frequented, very relax may not pick up well at work, for example;
  • Use footwear that is appropriate to the “mood” of the visual, learn to define between the shoes and the shoe;
  • In the overlay avoid stripes and prints, nothing of visual pollution.

Tips complementary:

To chubby: the darker tones give a tune in silhouette, the double collar is good because it draws attention to your face. The polo piquê has a drape better on your body than the cotton common, since the fabric is more structured.

For shorties: the shirt always on the inside and parts with tones similar to help stretch.

For the altões: the shirt on the outside gives a sliced in the body that is good for you, but be careful not to use parts with tones very close, thus the effect will disappear.