This Season The Coats of Color Are. Bore Your Outfit with One of These!

I open my locker and looks like Mordor: coats black, grey and blue sea. Sweaters the same tone and as much, a model in tartan (with sleeves in black) and the famous pictures of Zara model. Winter depresses me and needless to say the why, it is something inevitable and unwittingly keys end up hooking me the dark side. Why I love the trend of today: color coats to encourage the days. Is true that are not as wearable as listed above but what beautiful! I’ve tried a couple (both from Zara), and Yes, me are conquering. The only fear I have is that the coming year do not get along and I look freshly out of the circus.

And is that the most popular tones they are pink, sky blue and yellow. I will end up sinning? Perhaps on sale, or perhaps the Magi from the East are kind to me. Who knows… The fact is that every time There are more firms that are these colorful models and I encouraged me at times. Which would you choose?

  • Hair in neon yellow of Topshop, 110 euros.
  • Turtleneck in pink of Zara, $ 99.95 EUR.
  • Mao collar and perfect type of Bershka, 59.99 EUR.
  • Mohair coat in blue sky’s Zara, $ 99.95 EUR.
  • In coral color and with hood of Lavand, 109,99 EUR.
  • Mustard color of Miss Selfridge, 110 euros.