Tips and Trends in Women’s Fashion

Women love to express life with fashionable clothes since immemorial time. In the earlier time, dress codes and etiquette told the women how to dress up. Today’s fashion is more subject to the trend. Women’s wear shows multifaceted aspects that it is often not easy to develop a personal and trend-oriented style. Here we will give you our guide about how to make the stylish trend impulse your individual look.

Tips and Trends in Women's Fashion

  • The trends of summer 2015
  • Trends autumn/winter 2015/16
  • Styling options

Trends for summer 2015

Women’s charm flourishes in the warm season. Flower patterns are common in the summer, but now they come in dark shades such as burgundy or dark green. More and more well known brands such as Alba Moda launch the dresses and pants with oversized roses and exotic flowers. A relaxed retro dress in 1970s-style is perfect for the holidays. Patchwork, paisley’s and Op-art always cavort on beach dresses, shorts and tops. Flared trousers and maxi skirts will match well with short leather jackets. Women’s clothing in the military look creates a sportive look. The embellishments like pockets and epaulettes will highlight the jacket and blouses. Without accessories, nothing runs in the summer. You will stand out of the crowd with a chic handbag, shining earrings and studs belts.

Trends for fall/winter 2015/16

Women’s clothes for the upcoming autumn and winter are inspired by the seventies and the relaxed and rebellious nineties. Dresses and T-shirts with psychedelic patterns complement the bell bottoms and platform shoes. Casual sweater and blazer in vintage style capture the social dance floor. An outfit from faux lederhosen and faux jacket in a biker jogging style represent a mix of sportswear and grunge. Women’s clothing comes out great with herringbone or hounds tooth patterns. Coats and skirts are enlivened by the bright colors such as orange. The waist has finally been the focus in the cold season. From the oversize blazer to the dress, nothing runs without belt. In addition, high-waist jeans determine the feminine silhouettes. Black dominates the trendy colors of the season by 2015/16. Masculine pantsuits, cool blouses or trendy skirts are usually found in black. People, who prefer revels in colors, can look forward to a deep azure blue for elegant fashion statements. According to, women’s clothes in the shades of red will get a new impetus through a refined layering. Earth tones are combined with gold tones. Soft tones look feminine outfits in beige and camel.

Trend-oriented styling options

If you want to follow the trend with your personal style, you can select the cloth that can be mixed with your basic wardrobe. To select the clothes that suit your personality will highlight your look and preference. Trendy tunics will cover up your stronger thigh or bulging tummy. The slim fit pants with floral patterns provide a modern hippy styling. Bold patterned harem pants and dresses are great for plump mature women. If you are not blessed with model dimensions, you can implement the 1970s look with a pair of khaki pants in a wide-leg-style. If you are into military-style, wear a pink T-shirt to the dark green cargo pants. Create a feminine look with a khaki short jumpsuit and a golden girdle. Accessories in azure blue will add charm to the all-black outfit. Sweaters can be casual with sneakers and stylish when combined with pumps. You will get a stylish touch of hippie with the winter dark flared trousers and short sweater. Coats and jackets with classic patterns such as “salt and pepper” can be trend-oriented with red or pink combine.

Fashionable women’s clothing for stylish looks

Other than following the trend, you should choose outfits that match your personality and that you feel comfortable. The military style and the hippie look are awakened with classical patterns, which will highlight your preferences in your basic wardrobe. Clothes with a skillful mix and match will guarantee a stylish fashion statement.