Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Do Meteras The Leg? If Gallo, Yes!

We started the week with a trend that makes years tries to start but it seems that nobody gives you a serious triumph opportunity. Yes, in its day it hit strong but it is a pattern that is so risky that it is difficult for everyone you like. We are talking about the mythical houndstooth print: in black and white, in brown tones with subtle pictures in XXL,… is this the definitive conquest?

I love Miroslava Duma. Her outfits I have love and it is not for less, although I admit that very few can look a total look of this pattern without seeming an eccentric freshly out of the Madhouse. She wears it with such naturalness that makes sure it is divine at all hours, do you think? And in a more subtle way we found to her friend and companion of profession Christine Centenera: If you look well her miniskirt is in this pattern, but in dark colors. This is an outfit out of the pass Paris fashion week.

The origin of everything

But to make a fashion triumph we must look first of all on the runways. Who was the? first to show this pattern in almost all his collection? As neither more nor less than Salvatore Ferragamo. Dresses, blouses, shoes, bags, sunglasses… anything goes! Who is the pretty one who dares to look a total look? Apart from Lady Gaga and Anna dello Russo does not occur to me more…

Stella McCartney has been aware of the impact of this pattern and has presented for their collection cruise 2012 a series of pieces in black and white, and in Black with satin (much easier). Already what the saying, “better late than never”.

In the spotlight

Celebrities are always in the spotlight: what to wear? Who is? How do they combine it? ¿Who wears it better? On the web site makes us a Overview of the girls more in this print. I have I love Yves Saint Lauren bag, with admit… which one you stay?

You can also look like them

If you’re of that reading this article is encouraging to try clothing we show you some you’ll find favorite signatures by all of us: the low-cost. And if we talk about brands payable and full of trends, we talk about Zara (of course). The Empire of Amancio Ortega presents this pencil skirt in black and white, What do you think?

But if you want something less conspicuous for the day to day it is possible that you decantéis this wrap in brown tones (perfect for autumn) with Aires male.

At Mango we found this dress 100% ladylike where the body this dyeing in houndstooth and the rest is smooth. A good choice to go to work.

Blank found in different colours and versions: dresses tight to the body, combinations in Blue electrico-negro and even coats. With what article would you stay?

And who was an absolute fan of this pattern was the missing Amy Winehouse. And his capsule collection of Fred Perry demonstrated by: dresses, jerseys, skirts, Poles and a whole line of plug-ins.

And although it is not a low-cost, I can not talk about signatures without naming this signature Gucci bag… Instead of the Typical print formed by the two G we can find these peculiar squares. You convinced?

Revolution in the street!

We know: If the street stylers in stores carry it. And as for tastes the colors, many of them already have become fan of the houndstooth. Carolines Mode opts for a coat with masculine cut very similar to the of Zara (to say that it is the same).

Gala González prefer to adapt this trend to his shoes and He looks them in this look as colorful.

Of H & M It is the dress of the protagonist of My fantabulous world.

And Chiara Ferragni does the same with this coat. To break the monotony of the look, looks his inseparable Hermes Garnet…

The covers say yes

And you know, so that a fashion functions must Let us look at the magazines. If they show it to us, it is likely to be more.

And you, meterás the leg this fall?