Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: No Me Llames Green, Call Me Teal or Call Me Turquoise

It is one of the hues of the season, as already predicted Andrea there by August, call it teal in its shade darker or Turquoise in more clear tonality, but don’t call him Green, you need a more sophisticated name, because it is a color that gives elegance to dresses flair distinguished to the outfits of day and night. Notes!

On catwalk

Gucci It made this color one of the protagonists of his seventies style, and also his campaign parade. The Green teal King! Also saw in the parades of Mulberry, Versace, in a Hermes oversized and very sporty.

The color teal flooded dresses, stains hair coats, and takes in tights and accessories such as scarves and stoles. Alberta Ferretti It also makes good use of it.

Day teal color

It makes thick as thieves with grey, dark blue, with the mustard, purple, black, or the beis. A color more combinable than it seems.

But as really excels is in total look, from head to feet as proposed Gucci in their lookbook.

Day choose dresses of chunky knit turquoise, like this by Bershka.

Or dressed in flight like this Zara skirt.

Looks Green pants to bring originality to your day outfits, as does this girl in Cibeles portrayed by Chic too chic.

The night teal color

When it actually hits the actual color is night. All were fascinated with the long dresses with opening in the leg which showed us Gucci.

And the famous soon wear them on the red carpet, or even in full concert. Very diva Florence Welch her red hair to the wind with this our.

Copy her look for this new year’s Eve with this Mango dress.

You might want to short dresses, in the style of Michelle Monaghan.

Combined with gold is a beautiful evening look.

This dress from Mango draped with the same style.

The teal becomes shoes

The success of this tone is such that even Cobblers adopt it for your creations. Dyed the stamp Sandals snake of Gucci.

Christian Louboutin choose for these peeptoe.

And in Bershka can find it version wedge.

So remember, this autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 Green takes, but the teal is the King.

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