Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: The Crochet Hook Has!

Many of us may think that the crochet This relegated to clothing hippy but lately also seen in most current apparel. Crochet may sound us home mats or winter blanket Grandma but it is a Trend for autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 very interesting and little exploited. The crochet or crochet It is a technique that is weaving needle and fabric bearing the same name. Now that is so fashionable the “ do it yourself ” it is a good time to learn to crochet, relaxes and up you can get your own clothing and much more. Do you think the trend of crochet? Dare with her?

Street Style of crochet

A neck Peter pan’s crochet You can give a naive to look air.

Always well will have a couple of crochet jackets in the closet combined with all.

Dress with crochet on tone white, ideal for an evening stroll or shopping.

A few crochet shorts You can completely change a rockero look.

Crochet can also be sexy and casual if combine it it with the appropriate plug-ins.

Within your wardrobe

The wool hats or scarves crochet is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Extra long scarf is from House of Holland view at Asos.

Crochet can be present in many ways, in a Jersey with a simple neck to all made winter sweater crochet. Both from Asos.

There are many proposals of crochet dresses as the protagonist. The first two are TopShop and the last of Twist & Tango.

And for add-ins, a precious Hat with crochet tape ASOs.

And to leave you a little than usual, a crochet top MissSelfridge or a shirt that mimics the fabric of the House of Holland crochet.

The famous are also running to crochet

Beyonce with a striking yellow crochet dress.

Leighton Meester with asymmetrical body of crochet.

Kate Middleton with a Navy Blue and white crochet Cardigan. The most classical version.

Kristin Davis with a length of crochet, perfect dress for a party.