Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Lace, Queen and Lady Tapestry Brocade

The arts and crafts made with needle and thimble are fashionable. No iridescent technological fabrics that change with the sweat or the full moon. We go back to the past to palaces of Maria Antonietas rich or poor Scarlet O´Hara who used their curtains to make dresses of princesses. Today is the style be feminine and a great lady, we don’t know until when.

Dolce Gabbana

The King of this trend has been the parade of Dolce Gabbana. With Napoleonic dyes, Marie-Antoinette and the more excessive Baroque, its women extolled his busts with strapless corsets and other little appropriate today for these times of famine.

They are everywhere, at low cost and copied in other brands but they are originals and gold and lace have focused on the braid color to display a nothing demure woman in spending or forms.


The parade of ETRO It is more subtle, more ladies who have lived in more recent times but still hiding the indecent parts of his transparent blouses with strategically placed lace.
Brocade becomes one color, becomes a second skin, and accompanies the lace.


Frida Giannini, the Creative Director of the firm opts for thin slides carved with flowers of relief that hide and teach at the same time carefully.

Iridescent Brocade accompanies her more male looks that seem to dress up a d´artanan of the new century. Coats and boots of musketeer, Lady of high rank and brocades of Luis XVI velvets.


Their sexy divas are more stilettos and skinny removed breathing with their super shoulder, but in its autumn 2012 parade includes brocades and tapestries own dream palaces, Baroque armed and floral cameos in bodies and minis of scandal that the ladies would not lead in public dresses.