Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: The Correct Way to Wear a Bomber

A garment can lift a look or can throw it on the floor. That happens with a garment with as much personality as a bomber. In the same line as the varsity jackets (or University jackets), are a predominantly male garment that women with all our fervor fashionista have proceeded to appropriating for our costumes, and mix them with our daily clothes. The bombers are the stars of the looks of streetstyle and the fashion editorials, but like everything else, there is always one proper way to wear a bomber and the gateway gives us keys:

The origin of a myth

The type bomber jackets they are since we raise the pilots of warplanes to myths during the great wars of the last century. They were some tough guys, always on the verge of death. But this new wave that has revived to the bomber is basically due to a cult film, it sufficiently cool and so that everything that appears in it is raised to the category of desirable. That movie is Drive and it we like its soundtrack, its protagonist)Ryan Gosling) and the Golden bombers he wears throughout the film.

Feminine, with skirt

I like how have risen to the gateway in the parade of Burberry. The bomber with pencil skirt they become women and added modernity to a garment like the pencil skirt that has decades of life behind her.

Vivienne Tam also adds the jacket to a look lady and retro with some color.

In Derek Lam y Jenny Kao they take them flying skirt below the knees, a combination that does not feel very good if genetics not granted you body and measures of tall and thin model. Even so, the result brings back memories of the 1950s American students and we love.

And even incorporated to grunge looks in the parade of Rebecca Taylor.

In male, with pants

Within the wave Gothic and dark that seduces the firms this autumn-winter 2012 / 2013 also enter the bombers and similar jackets. With pants and scarves are in black in Givenchy and in Alexander Wang.

More sportswear are the versions of Lacoste and Thomas Tait, He mixed them with less rigid clothing and pants colors.

If I had money…

If I had enough money in my checking account I would choose some model of Loewe. I like mixing textures and materials of high quality. Leather and flannel in black to achieve a jacket that I would not remove or sleeping. This is the destination of my dreams:

On the street, These jackets have been mostly with miniskirts and skinny jeans, but you can already see that there are a thousand options. And above all, have been ornamental falls over the shoulders without entering the sleeves. Small style details that make the difference.

Photos | Illustrated universe, Skinny dolls