Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: The Elegance of The Nude/Pink Empolvado


The color nude It is a difficult to define tone and many doubt exactly what is. Well, the nude is the color of our skin which means “naked” and we can be found in two ranges: very pale pink or beige/crude oil pulling.

Nude pink

Jil Sander

In recent seasons the touch nude It has become a favorite of designers and celebrities, until it has become a strong trend, we can say that it is a must have in our dressing room. His election means femininity, simplicity and discretion, but at the same time we translate it in sophistication.

Jil Sander bet so glued to the body and in this range garments that look like a second skin. Even bet by the mixture of the two tones of a same style, pink (very muffled) and beige.

Chanel high seam

Chanel in his collection of Haute Couture us proposes the Pink nude but mixed with other shades pastel, even the same pink cake, and also shines. Your favorite fabric is tweed and the thin gauze.

For the night, this line also features long designs towering (as that opens this post), ready to be paraded in a red carpet.


For Chloé blouses are only nude, even in some looks combined with trousers in the same key. Blouses ideal to combine with any clothing and color below. The same you used to go to work to go out at night, it is a 24-hour color.


Nude in raw/beige

Elie Saab

One of my favorite designers, Elie Saab, advocates both in his collection of Haute Couture and the ready-to-wear nude. I still remember this lovely dress long sleeve raw, with side knot, of the week of fashion in Paris. Spectacular is the choice of high couture with Golden details, perfect for a red carpet.


The same thing happens to Versace high seam. This dress is screaming voices to be walked in an important event.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu He embodies it in day with masculine air pants outfits.