Trends Fashion Children Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Style Preppy, Kids Van to School

We continue with our special posts dedicated to the fashion trends for kids. The Princes of the House are not alien to the vagaries of fashion and still many of our tendencies, even though in this case, perhaps we are those who copy them to them, because would what is the? preppy style but for the back to school fashion?

Children are preppies

Benetton It is his colorful spirit child preppy style. Fashion for this autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 that combines perfectly with the Cowboys in mini size. In this picture the children are to eat them, right?

The preppy kids fashion is warm and comfortable clothing inspired by British collages: tweed jackets, cardigans with elbow patches, corduroy pants, shirts pictures, stripes, vests, sweaters of fretwork & #8230;

Girls dresses also fit this ideal way for autumn and winter.

There are brands such as Gant or Tommy Hilfiger whose style is always preppy, beyond which is the dominant trend of the season. The rugby type poles are always between their basic.

In Sisley Choose a style: preppy in raw and soft tones.

Ikks It has sports College style and long sleeve polo jackets very preppy. For girls, the trend is with tables, and patterned tartan skirts.

Outerwear for kids preppy

With winter and colder days plays retrieve coats and above all, the trencas, a pledge that all have worn small and is more fashionable than ever. These are of Zara kids, and we find them both for boy and girl.

Classic jackets and wool, much wool, are other basic so that our children do not pass cold.

The children of celebrities are also preppies

Increasingly there are more eager to dress our children to play with our clothes or dress them combined between brothers. Gwen Stefani abandons his usual style rocker with a style more preppy (with included CAP) and dresses similarly to their offspring.

The most photographed twins in history, small Knox and Vivienne, they already have three-years-old and prove to be as handsome as his parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with the preppy style and clear shades.

They drool me writing this post with all the fashion in miniature. We will soon bring you more mini trends.

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