Trends Low Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Skirts with Steering Wheel

One of the trends that is going strong this fall are the skirts with an only steering wheel, fashion that we also see in dresses (but this we leave it for another post). In some cases we see proposals with several flyers and with fashionable prints. Would you like?


Zara It offers us in various styles, especially championing the pinstriped and asymmetrical forms. Perfect models to go to work. It also leaves gap for a quilted design mini version that is divine, I tell you because I have and feel great.

  • Zara white stripes: 19.95 EUR.
  • Zara dark stripes: 29, 95 euros
  • Zara padded: 23,00 euro.


In ASOs combine the flight models with the straight, but always end up with a flirty ruffle. This type of skirts so it can have a few rooms that you like to go more feminine, with a flat booty for a more casual look lovers.

  • Pencil skirt with flywheel on bass and point of Jacquard finish of TFNC 28,63 euros.
  • Skirt ASOs Blue klein 9.76 EUR.
  • Skirt with texture and steering wheel in the bass of Glamorous in blue and Garnet: 15.62 EUR


Mango prefer mini-skirts with various flyers and the last one, with prints of fashion as the tartan or floral. Its price is 25,99 EUR.


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